Michaela Ritchie

Thérapeute holistique et aromathérapeute

Naturotherapist, Michaela has been studying and practicing different approaches around health and holistic well-being since 2012, yoga, Ayurveda, herbalism, aromatherapy (specialization in emotional and energetic aromatherapy), and personal growth. In 2016, she experienced a shift that led her to an exploration of alchemy, to make treatments (Trame, Access Bars) and to start a business to share vibratory synergies of essential oils and natural vibratory perfumes. The teaching came with a desire to share tools to empower others to take back their personal power, to create the life they want to live, and to offer tools that facilitate the management of emotions and sensitivity.

Les Parcours et ateliers dans lesquels Michaela Ritchie participe


Prochaine date : Du 29 Septembre au 15 Décembre

Une proposition de revoir votre anatomie pour pouvoir parler le langage du corps.

« La maladie s’entend aussi mal-a-dit »

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